Coffee Table Book


As a non-profit project in order to raise money for organisations working for preserving the oceans, we are creating a coffee table book. Apart from great photos, we want to fill the book with inspiring stories that relates to the oceans and for that we want your help! 

We are reaching out worldwide to surfing/ocean photographers as well as local heroes who care about the ocean from all across the world to give them a voice to be heard. The concept for our project is to open up an indirect dialog between all contributers about our common interest. We all have a personal relationship with the beaches, oceans, and/or sea inhabitants. Each of us have experienced its beauty, power, grace, and probably experienced its negative impact from humans (whether others believe the negative impacts or not). We are inviting people to share their opinions of all this in whichever way they choose using text and archival photographs. They can write however much or little they feel like inspired by their personal stories, memories, or quotes they may have picked up along their journeys. Perhaps this dialog includes ideas they may have on how to repair the negative human impact on our beach ecosystems? New ideas to innovate the surfing industry during this new decade of a rising eco-conscious generation? We don’t know what’s in their heads so we invite them to be as open as possible! While every photographer/local hero is guaranteed at least one full spread to themselves, we plan to organize the book by the five oceans marking as geographical chapters to divide the stories. All together this will be an anthology of their experiences and ideas to open a discourse for our audience and inspire them to spend more time in the ocean and take better care of the beach and marine ecosystem. Besides printing/publication/distribution costs and taxes, SurfEars takes no profit for this project, all profits from this coffee table book proceed to support our partnering non-profit organizations to help our oceans.

If you know someone or have any ideas you that you think could add to the value of this book, please send an email to

Trash OceanPlastic trash in our oceans, a sad reality of today. This book will be one of our commitments to address this problem. Photo by Brendan Pieterse