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Paul Clark

Surf guide and surf resort owner, Mentawai islands, Indonesia

Lucky enough to live in the Mentawai Islands, possibly the best surf zone in the world for quality, consistency and variety. I spend my days hosting and guiding the guests of Pitstop Hill Mentawai into some of the best waves they’ve ever seen!

Mid last year I was knocked off inside a barrel at one of my local breaks. The side of my head slapped the surface of the water so hard that by the time I was pushed under I had a piercing pain from my ear. Even after weeks out of the water, I’d lost my confidence in the surf, fearing that it might happen again. Soon after I took a break from the islands to visit California. Standing in a surf shop there, looking for a solution, and confused by the range of ear-plugs available I asked the shop assistant for his assistance. He was adamant that SurfEars were the only choice, and I’m so glad I took his advice!

John Barton, Moonwalker and @johnnyjungle