Jo Dennison

Surfer, Wales, UK

When I started surfing at 18 years old little did I know it would shape the next decade of my life. Searching for waves, travelling to new destinations, entering competitions and meeting my heroes.

I’m 4 times Welsh National Champion Former British Champion and competed on the World Qualifying series since 2011.

Life is about the pure act of surfing, and my lifestyle is built around improving level of performance, as well as sharing my passion with others. My boards hand made by Rob Vaughan surf boards and O’Neill wetsuits to keep me warm, I will forever be chasing the best waves and giving back to the sport I love.

My newest surfing challenge has taken me back to my home soil Wales. As Head of Surf Snowdonia Surf Academy, World’s first ever publicly accessible Wavegarden inland Surf Lagoon. Not only is it beautiful its now going to have one of the most constant surf spots in the world and the potential to make surfing assessable and potentially get surfing to the Olympic games (read interesting article on the topic).

Spending a life time in the ocean its important to look after your body. Surf ears create a comfortable barrier against the element’s. I wouldn’t like to lose one of my senses. Surf Ears are the best I have tried because you can still talk to your friends in the line up!

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