Adam Griffiths

Surfer, Newquay, Cornwall, England

Adam Griffiths aka Bearman, I ride and compete on a longboard, but i also love to ride all types of surf boards, I am 3 x English champion, I am currently ranked 3rd in Europe and 13th in the World. If im not surfing, then I’m either working teaching surfing at newquay surfing school or fishing.

I have recently had a surfing related injury. The rail of my surf board hit me in the ear during a wipe out which resulted in a impact injury splitting my ear lobe and inner ear (9 stitches) as well as perforating my ear drum. This meant a month or so out the water and having to take care of my ears now. Whilst at hospital they looked into my good ear and discovered that surfer’s ear had started to develop and suggested i wearing ear plugs. So I have taken there advise as i don’t want any operations.

Jan Dopheide